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Positive EV

Note: Learn about +EV and devigging on the devigger's help page. And check out the devigger itself here.
Note2: Fair value is calculated from the worst-case between market average and median.

+EV Sportsbook:
Minimum Odds:  (Many promos have minimum odds)
Maximum Odds:

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Only show games that start within the next Hours
Minimum +EV Percentage:  
Event Name Contains: (See: Search Syntax)
Market Name Contains:
Result Count: (Default: 100; Max: 300)
Devig Method:
Minimum Market Sides: (Recommended: 2)
Maximum Market Sides:

Minimum Books: (Recommended: 3)

Recommended Settings: Worst-case, 1%+

!!!FanDuel Batter Props WARNING!!!
FanDuel batter prop bets will stand and be action if the player does not start but later pinch hits (FanDuel only requires a plate apperance and other books require the batter to be in starting line-up)
  1. First, check if your player is the starting-lineup. If they are, then the FV and EV% listed is correct.
  2. If the starting lineup isn't out, yet, then you MUST run any FanDuel batter prop through the Pinch-Hit Risk Calculator (on each row in the results below) to determine it's true FV and EV%.
(Meanwhile, I will work on having CNO automatically factor this in)

+ev bets: (Will be more I add more sportsbooks/sports/markets)

   ⚠️ = Devigged from 1-way lines using estimated juice%.  

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