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Positive EV

Note: Learn about +EV and devigging on the devigger's help page. And check out the devigger itself here.
Note2: Currently set to displaying top 25 results
Note3: Fair value is calculated from a market average.
Note4: This page will be vastly improved in the future with many more filters, stored settings and each play will link to a page with all of the sportsbooks' odds to allow you to verify it is a good bet.

+EV Sportsbook:
Minimum Odds:  (Many promos have minimum odds)
Maximum Odds:

Only show games that start within the next Hours
Minimum +EV Percentage:  
Event Name Contains:
Market Name Contains:
Result Count: (Default: 25; Max: 100)
Devig Method:

Recommended Settings: Worst-case, 0%+

+ev bets: (Won't be many/any until I add more sportsbooks/sports/markets)

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