Who is CNM?

I am a software engineer from VCU with a number of completed projects, including: In September 2021, I signed up to DraftKings, not knowing anything.
Earlier this year I made enough sportsbetting to make it my full time job.
Now, I am building CrazyNinjaOdds, with everything I've learned, for us to all have an affordable weapon to take on the Sportsbooks.

You know who I am. LFG!


You can check out my portfolio site here: www.CrazyNinjaMike.com

What is CrazyNinjaOdds?

CrazyNinjaOdds is an odds comparison site that pulls in odds from multiple sportsbooks and allows you to compare them to always get the best bet.
As this site grows, we will be offering:
  • Free bet conversion page - Convert your free bets to a guaranteed %
  • Low hold page - If a Sportsbook has a promo to, for example, spend $2000 to get $500 in free bets, you can often find low-holds to hedge 2 different sportsbooks and essentially spend little to nothing to complete the promo and get your $500 in free bets!
  • Arbs page - Finding the right odds to place a bet on 2 separate sportsbooks on opposite sides of a market to guarantee a small profit.
  • Middles page - A hedge in which both sides could win (ie. Over 5.5, Under 7.5) with a small % chance to win both bets.
  • +EV page - Positive Expected Value bets based on what the fair value should be.
Note: Some markets can void differently on different Sportsbooks. Be sure to read the terms to each Sportsbook site for if a player voids by not starting or if they void by not playing at all (ie. A player that doesn't start but pinch hits is voidable for some Sportsbooks and for others not voidable)

This site is still a work-in-progress and I'm working every day to bring my vision to life :)

Can I subscribe to CrazyNinjaOdds?

CrazyNinjaOdds.com and the CNM discord are both free. However, you can subscribe in the CNM discord for some additional benefits by clicking here. See this post in the CNM Discord for more information.

What are your favorite products?

You can check out, CrazyNinjaMike's Favorite Products. The page showcases some of my favorite products that I've purchased and use. When you purchase anything after using links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Do you accept tips?

I have had a number of people offer to tip or donate to me. I really appreciate that :)
I do recommend doing a small subscription in the CNM Discord above, instead, but if that isn't for you, I'm also thankful for a simple donation.

I don't expect anything and will treat everyone the same whether they tip or not.
If you would like to tip me, you can use the donate button below. Thank you!

Donations will be applied as credit towards subscriptions when I start that up.

This site is 100% for entertainment purposes only and does not involve real money betting.
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER.
This service is intended for adult users only.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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