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I have worked very hard to offer the best tools at an affordable price (free lol). However, as many of you have observed, I am eager to share and recommend other tools that may offer something my tools don't or do something better than what my tools do. These tools may be able to compliment CrazyNinjaOdds or they may be for a smaller niche of people that have bigger bankrolls. I am delighted to partner with companies that demonstrate a commitment to offering valuable products and maintaining the same high standards of customer service that I hold myself to.


CNO offers live betting arbitrage with the Arbitrage Tool. The latency can be a bit high at between 1-2 minutes. This is great for pre-game betting. It is even great for betting at halftime or the end of quarters. It can also be okay at finding which books may disagree with each other in order to manually watch those two books to wait for an arbitrage opportunity. However, it's important to note that my tool does not provide real-time, zero-latency viewing of live odds.


DDO's Arbitrage Tool focuses specifically on ultra-low latency live mainline arbitrage. The web tool sees less than 200ms response time. As soon as the odds change on a sportsbook, it'll almost immediately show up on the tool. The tool highlights arbitrage and +EV opportunities. It is ideal for people who have already surpassed Phase 1 and have larger bankrolls.

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I'm excited to partner with DoubleDownOdds. You can use my affiliate link (code CNO) for an 8-day free trial, then $100 for your first month and $200/month after that.

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