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I have worked very hard to offer the best tools at an affordable price (free lol). However, as many of you have observed, I am eager to share and recommend other tools that may offer something my tools don't or do something better than what my tools do. These tools may be able to compliment CrazyNinjaOdds or they may be for a smaller niche of people that have bigger bankrolls. I am delighted to partner with companies that demonstrate a commitment to offering valuable products and maintaining the same high standards of customer service that I hold myself to.


CNO offers the ability to hedge a wide variety of promos with the Free Bet, Odds Boost, Risk-Free Bet, Win&Get Promo and Bet&Get Promo tools. I offer a number of filters, leagues and sportsbooks. These tools are invaluable for users that are looking to hedge or find +EV plays for their promos. However, it is important to note that CNO may not have all of the sportsbooks or leagues that you may need for hedging promos.


DarkHorseOdds focuses specifically on hedging promos. They offer a variety of tools and guides. They offer 40 sportsbooks and exchanges. If you are in a state with a lot of sportsbooks that CNO doesn't currently have, and you are seeking to hedge some promos, DarkHorseOdds could be a great option. It is ideal for people who are currently in Phase 1 and need more sportsbooks than what CNO currently offers.

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I'm excited to partner with DarkHorseOdds. You can use my affiliate link for a 2-day free trial, then $9 for your first month and $39/month after that.

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Disclosure: CrazyNinjaOdds has an affiliate relationship with DarkHorseOdds.

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