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As many of you are aware, I've made a conscious decision to not enter into affiliate partnerships with sportsbooks. This is because I do not want any of my people to get limited, simply for using my affiliate links. To further safeguard your privacy and betting experience, I've taken special care in how I link to the sportsbooks' house rules on my FAQ page. The links are meticulously designed so that the sportsbooks cannot trace your visit back to Click here to learn more about my approach to ensuring your anonymity and safety.


When you place a bet on a sportsbook, it's you vs the sportsbook. If you win your bet, the sportsbook loses. Because of this, they will eventually limit you if they find you are consistently beating them and turning a high profit.

Betting Exchanges

One of our greatest allies against the sportsbooks are betting exchanges. When you place a bet on a betting exchange, there is always another person that matched your bet. A betting exchange simply takes a small commission from the winner. The more action on a betting exchange, the more they profit. Therefore, they have zero incentive to limit bettors. In fact, they encourage you to hedge and arb against the sportsbooks. And because they have essentially no risk since everything is matched between users, they can have an extremely low juice%. Another advantage to betting exchanges is the transparency and flexibility they offer. You can easily see the maximum stake for specific odds, and if you need to place a larger bet that includes shorter odds, that's an option too! They are perfect for hedging sportsbook promos!


I'm excited to partner with Sporttrade, a US sports betting exchange currently live in NJ, CO and IA. If you don't have Sporttrade, yet, you can type my promo code "CNO" in the referral box when signing up for 10% cash back on qualifying bets (-400 odds or longer, and no cash outs) in your first 7 days, up to $300!

If you're on Android, be sure to switch your app to "light mode" since the "dark mode" makes the referral code textbox invisible (a bug they are working on). If you mess up and didn't type the code, simply send me an e-mail or DM me in the CNO Discord to let me know and I can help get you linked to me retroactively.

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